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Certified Veterinary Assistant and Dog Trainer, Mina Donahue, wants to provide you with Top Shelf Care for your beloved mutt!

About Us

Introducing: The Pack!

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The Top Shelf Mutt Pack has 4 official members; 2 Mutts, a Kitten, and one Human.. Elsa, EV, Chai, and Mina. I am Mina Donahue, Momma and Pack Leader! As a Certified Veterinary Assistant and Dog Trainer, former Dog Handler for a Doggy Daycare, and regular medical volunteer at my local Animal Shelter, I have 10+ years of experience and knowledge to share with you!  By learning from my fur-babies in my own pursuit to give them the best and most natural lives possible I continue to expand my knowledge to share with the world.

Ways We Are Changing The World

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By  sharing our knowledge and experience in dog behavior and dog health we provide valuable information in the forms of Canine Behavior and Psychology Insight,  Natural Health Tips/Tricks, Crystal Healing Sessions, Pawromatherapy(Aromatherapy for Dogs), Meditative Massage Therapy, and Dog Training. We strive to assist Pawrents everywhere in providing their fur-babies with Top Shelf Lives.

Where The Heart Is...

Beautiful young woman kissing an adorable kitten!

Top Shelf Mutt is a Non-Profit Organization formed  in our home town, San Diego. When I began volunteering at the local Animal Shelter my heart broke for the hundreds of dogs without a loving family; when I began to notice the large amount of homeless people with dogs I asked myself: 'who is helping them care for their babies?' and my heart broke again. I learned that most of the dogs that end up in Animal Shelters are placed there due to behavioral issues. During my Veterinary  and Dog Obedience Schooling I discovered that many times these behavior issues are due to underlying health issues that can adversely effect their mental, emotional, and physical well-being. 

During my own journey in transitioning to a Natural and Plant Based lifestyle I began learning about the amazing benefits of this lifestyle not only for humans but for our canine companions as well! I started Top Shelf Mutt to share my findings with Pawrents everywhere while continuing to work towards opening an Animal Rescue that focuses on Natural Care where I will be able to rehabilitate animals of all kinds, provide training and education to pups and Pawrents in need, and assist the homeless people of San Diego in the care of their fur-babies!  

changing the world naturally

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Why Natural?

We are avid advocates for the use of plants to heal not only our bodies but our dog's as well! Plant Based remedies are wonderful alternatives that allow us to break free from the use of toxic, chemically infused products that are very harsh on our bodies. Our bodies work best when they are healthiest; and what better way to ensure optimal health than by using the medicine that Earth originally intended for us? 

Ever seen your dog eat grass? Well there's a very important reason for this! Just as a wolf would intuitively choose plants to treat themselves in the wild, dogs are just as in tune with their bodies and react to plant medicine in amazing ways!

Checkout this amazing video of a wolf diagnosed with cancer receiving treatment with essential oils, for an example of how animals can intuitively pick plants to heal themselves. The wolf's reaction will blow you away! 


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We offer access to  all of our Top Shelf Care Natural Dog Health Tips, Training Tutorials, and Dog Vlogs through Patreon. Patreon is a membership based platform that allows us to share all of our knowledge and experience in one convenient location that also gives our Pack Members access to a community of more Dog Pawrents / Lovers to connect with! By subscribing to us and joining our pack you receive exclusive Patreon only content and benefits like our Dog Vlogs, surprise gifts for you and your pup, and more!

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Dog Vlogs

The pack reviews and recommends their top picks for doggy gear, toys, accessories, dog friendly restaurants, hikes, trails, and dog parks, in the pursuit of providing you with Top Shelf Guidance for all of your doggo needs! Exclusively available on Patreon.

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How Can We Help you?

Canine Behavior & Psychology

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Your guide in Canine Comprehension; we give you an inside look into dog behavior and why they do what they do. 

By helping you to see the world through their eyes you will gain a better understanding that will help you to form a stronger bond with your fur-baby!

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Natural Health Tips, Tricks, & Remedies

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The pack shares their favorite Natural Dog Health remedies and recipes to help promote healthier lives for all mutts! 

You can book a coaching session for guidance with specific conditions through our Facebook page or become a 'Pawtron" to our cause on Patreon for access to all of our informative postings.

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Dog Training

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In addition to in person Dog Training sessions we also offer access to examples, tips, and tutorials  to guide you in learning to work with your pup on your own! 

For One on One Coaching/Training  for specific behavioral  concerns  book an in person, phone, or video chat session through our Facebook page.

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Crystal Healing

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Crystals hold the vibrations of Earth and can interact with the vibrations of our own frequencies to foster healing. We use the healing energy of Crystals to help soothe & calm dogs, build confidence, promote focus, and more!

Book a therapy session through Facebook or become a Pawtron for our Non-Profit Organization on Patreon to access our informative post updates where we teach you the benefits of specific Crystals and how to use them to benefit mental, physical, and emotional dog health!

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Essential Oils have amazing healing benefits to  the Mind, Body, and Soul. They can aid in the treatment of dog behavior / behavioral challenges such as Anxiety and Over-excitement. 

Understanding which oils to use and which to stay away from is a vital skill-set when it comes to maintaining dog health; which is why we post recipes and advice on Patreon to guide you through the use of oils safely!

We use them in blends of our own creation to treat the common challenges that we all face as pawrents!

Our blends will be available for sale soon; if you would like access to our recipes and updates become a Pawtron on Patreon. If you would like to book a one on one therapy session you may do so through Facebook!

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Meditative Massage Therapy

Adorable bully puppy taking a nap on a pink yoga mat in the grass.

Just as human bodies can build up tension, aches, and pains, so too can your beloved mutts!


*A dog in pain may become aggressive or exhibit aggressive behaviors*

Dog's cant use English to tell us where they hurt, but they have many different ways that they express it. (Our Canine Psychology segment gives insight into all things dog behavior!)

In a Meditative Massage Therapy Session I will meditate with your dog and find the areas she needs healing energy the most.  Using Crystals, Tuning Forks, and Binereal Beats I will work with your dog's energy to bring her balance and peace. She is guaranteed to love it!

Book a therapy session on Facebook or join us on Patreon  for updates on our therapy success stories!

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